Forest mushroom bouchée, pork tenderloin, red wine prunes 2750Ft
Ham baked goat cheese, mint and honey melon 2670Ft
Mixed green salad 1450Ft
Mixed green salad, chicken breast, caesar dressing 2550Ft
Mixed green salad, grilled goat cheese, raspberry balsamic cream, roasted seeds 2550Ft
Mixed green salad, crispy duck bites, honey mustard 2700Ft
Mixed green salad, red tuna, eggs sous vide, citrus dressing 2700Ft
Elysée goulash soup 1550Ft
Pumpkin cream soup, chestnuts, maize 1550Ft
Goose broth, matzo balls, shiitake, vegetables julienne 1550Ft
Main Courses
Rosé duck breast, cabbage-chestnut strudel, jerusalem artichoke, pear 4680Ft
Dijon beef cheek, roasted dumplings, sous vide root vegetables 4490Ft
Grilled pike perch, Fisherman’s soup essence, wild garlic mashed potatoes 4870Ft
Sous vide chicken breast, cheddar tortilla, tandori sauce 3980Ft
Chili-shrimp pappardelle, artichoke, tomato 4790Ft
Kids Menu
Breaded chicken breast, potato 1700Ft
Papardelle in tomato souce 1500Ft
Lemon tart, raspberry coulis, fresh fruit 1650Ft
WARM vermicelli-cottage cheese cake, peach mousse 1450Ft
Homemade Grill Sausages 1890Ft
Fried bread, sour-cream, chive 890Ft
Elysée Breakfast Muffin; English Muffin, Ham, Fried Egg, Cheddar, Roasted Tomatoes 1650Ft
Scrambled Eggs (3 eggs) 1190Ft
Mushroom-Spinach Scrambled Egg 1690Ft
Ham-Ewe Cheese Scrambled Egg 1890Ft
“Chunky Nuts”; 4 Nutty Granola Muesli, Yoghurt Mousse, Caramel 1180Ft
Croissant, butter, jam 640Ft
Pain au chocolat 450Ft
Croissant 450Ft
“Big”; Grill Sausages, Beans Ragout, Bacon, Fried Egg, Hash Browns, Baked Tomato 2890Ft
“Country”; Liptauer, Mangalica Sausage, Paprika Salami, Cooked Ham, Eggs, Fresh Vegetables 1890Ft
Scrambled Egg With Sausages 1690Ft
Hungarian Lecsó (“Ratatouille”) With Sausages And Egg 2150Ft
Elysée Breakfast Toast; Ham & Cheese 1400Ft
Elysée Breakfast Toast; Hungarian salami & sheep cheese 1400Ft
Elysée Breakfast Toast; spinach & cheese 1400Ft
“Happy Berries”; Strawberry Granola Muesli, Yoghurt Mousse, Fruit 1180Ft
‘OREO’ Milkshake/0,5l; Oreo biscuits, bananas, milk, vanilla 1490Ft
‘FRUYOBI’ Milkshake/0,5l; Yogurt, fruit, whole grain cracker 1490Ft
“CHOCOBERRY” Chocolate granola muesli, berry mousse, caramel 1180Ft
Chocolate hazelnut croissants 550Ft