Foie Gras terrine, homemade brioche, quince-dried apricot chutney 3550Ft
Mixed green salad 1850Ft
Mixed green salad, chicken breast, caesar dressing 2990Ft
Mixed green salad, grilled goat cheese, raspberry balsamic cream, roasted seeds 3150Ft
Mixed green salad, crispy duck bites, honey mustard 3350Ft
Mixed green salad, red tuna, eggs sous vide, citrus dressing 3470Ft
Beef carpaccio, parmezan, rucola 3490Ft
Elysée goulash soup 1790Ft
White vegetables cream soup, ham chips, cottage cheese mezzelune 1750Ft
Thai vegetable soup with chicken and shrimp dumplings 1750Ft
Main Courses
Thyme mascarpone pappardelle, roast beef, porcini 4790Ft
Ham and sheep cheese chicken skewers, grilled vegetables, eggplant puree 4480Ft
Mussels in feta tomato sauce, chorizo, pita 4890Ft
Pork tenderloin with sheep curd salty kaiserschmarrn, porcini paprikash 4790Ft
Lamb shank, cheddar-bean tortilla, guacamole, greek jogurt 5150Ft
Desserts & cakes
Homemade apple pie, vanilla dressing, almonds 1750Ft
White chocolate panna cotta, limoncello jelly, raspberry coulis 1950Ft
Please ask our staff about our current cakes offer or see it for yourself Ft
Marinated cheese selection, toast 1950Ft
Mangalitsa pig crackling, pickled onions, homemade bread 1790Ft
Liptauer, cabanossi, fresh bread 1890Ft
Aubergine pate (baba ganoush), toast 1650Ft
Homemade bread 400Ft
Panini grill sandwiches
“Two cheesy” 2390Ft
Mediterranean ham 2390Ft
“Roast beef” 2390Ft
“Chicken caesar” 2390Ft
Kids Menu
Breaded chicken breast, potato 1700Ft
Papardelle in tomato souce 1500Ft